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.::Babylon 5 - Star Stuff::.

...stunning in grey aswell...

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.::'Star Stuff'::.
This is the new Role Play community for 'Babylon 5' and or 'Crusade' fans.
It focuses on the personal lives of the characters with a few plots and twists thrown in.
Each week I shall post a topic for you to write about in character, however you feel fit to do so, any ongoing plot threads need only be discussed with the people you want involved.

Each Friday I will post a topic for you to RP about by posting in this community. Previous topics or your own ideas are also allowed.

To Join this RP please follow these simple instructions.

1) send am e-mail to starstuff.mod@gmail.com that includes...

Your Name -
Three Characters you would like to play (in order of preference, just incase one is taken but not yet listed. (check avalibility at bottom of page))
AIM screen name -
Short Role Play Example - (100-800 words)

If you are accepted, (and lets face it, you probably will be =D)
2) make up an RP journal (for example __delenn__ or sheridan_cap
3) put up your first post in your journal, an intro or anything you would like. (just so i know you're there)


1. Read the rules
2. Be respectful, i trust we are all adult enough to understand that people's opinions differ on some things, and that's OK. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated, but sensitive topics like changing canon of a character's background, playing someone how you want, swearing and language will be discussed, but no one will be booted for these kind of things.
3. You will be booted if you are rude and abusive and continually do so.
4. Please put 'I so read the rules' at the end of your application.
5. Try to have fun. If you want something changed or have an idea, make yourself head. Tell me exactly what you think.
6. Put posts that could be considered NC-17 or some how objectionable behind an lj-cut.
7. No promoting
8. Have Fun!!

.::Q and A::.

When Does it take place in the time line? : I'm going to be very lenient about that and not put an exact date on the events in this community. Thus allowing any characters throughout the series to be played and the people who play them to decide where they are in development. (making it rather AU I suppose) (If that doesn't work after a while I will have a vote in ooc_star_stuff)

What if I haven't seen much/all of Crusade? : Not an issue at all. If you have seen all of Crusade and none of Babylon 5 that's fine as well! (as long as you play a character from the series you watched I don't see any problems arising)

Can origonal characters be used? Origonal characters are acceptable, although I would prefer the cannon characters taken first, I will not turn you down if you ask very nicely.

I'm not sure how to RP, but I would really like to be involved/give it a go..? I for one am here to help, so all you need to do is ask. I'm not the best or most experienced RPer out there, or B5er, but this is as good a place as any to learn and improve.

.::Characters In Play::.

Zack Allen - chief_zack
Susan Ivanova - susie_ivanova
Michael Garibaldi - _garibaldi_
Lyta Alexander - lytaalexander

Antonio Refa - antonio_refa
Adira Tyree - adira_tyree
Kailin Tyree - kailin_tyree
Emperor Cartagia - living_god
Vir Cotto - vir_cotto_tm
Mariel - _mariel

Citizen Na'Toth - natoth_muse
Ta'Lon - _talon

.::Mods & Such::.

Maintainer :
susie_ivanova - starstuff.mod@gmail.com

Ooc Comm:

Ivanova: "Ambassador. Do you really want to know what's going on down there right now?"
Mollari: "Yes, absolutely."
Ivanova: "Boom. Boom, boom, boom. Boom, boom. BOOM! Have a nice day."
- Bablyon 5 ("A Voice in the Wilderness II")