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.::Babylon 5 - Star Stuff::.
...stunning in grey aswell...
Something beautiful/Something Wished 
15th-Oct-2005 06:02 pm
Muse : Beyon Turhan
Fandom: Babylon 5

”… Pride can stand a thousand trials
The strong will never fall
But watching stars without you
My soul cries…”

Kissing you – Sade

In the dark hours when he is alone her memory reflects in his thoughts tugging at his hearts reminding Beyon that he would never see her again. To her and everyone else who cared for him, the prince is dead. Yet despite the fact his “best friend” had destroyed his future, severed his links to all that was his, thus forcing him into exile, he still had his memories.

In this moment the memory that plays in his lonely thoughts is his final and the only night he shared with her.

It was nighttime when they decided to meet, yet the sky was clear, filled with all the stars of the heavens. The moon was full and the air warm and a bit misty. Even the ocean was peaceful, with the sand under his feet inviting much like the waves that lap eagerly against the shore.

Nothing could compare to her, she was radiant and beautiful walking along the shores edge like a wind fairy with her ‘bathing dress’ flowing in the breeze. She turns to give him a confused but excited smile.

She was nervous but then so was he. She held his hearts the moment he set eyes on her but it would some months before she would finally accept his advances. Which would eventually through many delicate moments and hesitancies, lead them to this place.

He promised to teach her how to swim and she promised that she would at least try. She was terrified of drowning; a fear he once shared only to conquer it by learning to face it head on. So with a gentle word, a trusting smile he held her hand and led her into the ocean. Though she didn’t learn to swim, he helped her face her fears and it was enough for them both.

A stolen kiss in the ocean’s water, a soft whisper of invitation; followed by a night of passion and an unspoken wish that perhaps happiness could be found in each others arms.

But like all good things it was fleeting and almost as soon as she was in his arms, she was gone. Leaving in her passing only the haunting scent of her perfume; a beautiful moment stolen away, but always remembered.
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