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.::Babylon 5 - Star Stuff::.
...stunning in grey aswell...
An unexpected lesson 
17th-Sep-2005 10:55 pm
bisexual russian telepathic jew // i don
I feel as though most of the lessons I have learnt in my life, the ones that have stayed with me through the years, are lessons that I never expected... moments that could never be forseen. At least, not foreseen by me.
One that seems to strike me now, as I embark on a journey I do not think I should, back to Babylon 5, in many ways where it all began, is the lesson that although things can change, one can sometimes go back.
That is a lesson I learnt not a week ago while I spoke with Na'Toth.
I believe that one can never go back is not true, I think to say one can never go back to the same place is true, as everything will have changed, or perhaps that one never wants to go back, because I do not know if the memories that will come to me will be welcome ones, but one can go back.
And how that will go, well, we will see.

ooc:i am quite disappointed in myself but the past couple of weeks have yielded less time for this RP than I have hoped. I think it shall improve now on, as the birthday's and such die down. On the plus size there are new mini sized members of my family *G*
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