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.::Babylon 5 - Star Stuff::.
...stunning in grey aswell...
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6th-Nov-2005 05:04 pm - November 6, 2005 Prompt
Innocence Lost- by kathyh
twisted_badger has asked me to hold the fort while she's deeply immersed in NaNoWriMo, and I shall endeavor to serve to the best of my ability. I will be posting prompts every other Sunday until she returns.

This week's prompt:

Mun's note: This scene has been inspired by a plotline concept presented to me by natoth_muse mun that is for an rp that is due to be played out in the future at some point ;) Basically Ta'Lon's jealousy over Na'toth's friendship with G'Kar leads to the temporary demise of their relations...

"...How many times do I have to try to tell you
That I'm sorry for the things I've done
But when I start to try to tell you
That's when you have to tell me
Hey, this kind of trouble's only just begun
I tell myself too many times
Why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut
That's why it hurts so bad to hear the words
That keep on falling from your mouth..."

Why - Annie Lennox

I sit here alone, watching, waiting for the task at hand to be completed. A side project taht my sect has asked me to complete. One that I hope will serve to aid things that are certain to come. I await patiently for my prey but my heart is elsewhere.

In truth it has been this way for some time now.

A poor act of judgment, one that severed a tie so deep that it leaves me feeling more lost then I've ever been.

My dearest Cha'Mal. My fiery Valkarie who once rested in my arms only to dissipear with the storm of my jealousy. By G'Lan not a day goes by when she isn't in my thoughts.

At night she haunts my dreams, with such vividness it leaves me breathless when I wake. I can still feel her soft spotted skin against mine; her eyes dancing with a fire that only grows with each kiss shared. But it is only a memory, one lost like so many by my own foolish actions.

My beautiful warrior goddess. What have I done?

But it is too late now. She is only but a dream. A moment of bliss that I foolishly tossed away because I was so afraid of losing the one last joy I had.

Yet in doing so I only ensured it would slip through my fingers. They say the more you try to hold in the grains of sand in your hands the more they will trickle out of your grasp. Some things aren't meant to be held so closely. Na'toth is one of those.

If only I could return to the past and take back those words. I would give everything if only to have this one wish. To have her come back to me. To undo the damage I've done.

But my prey arrives as my contact has warned me and for the moment I must push down my thoughts. Focus on the duty at hand and enjoy the small break it gives my tormented thoughts. Yet even so I know it is but a fleeting relief. Soon she will haunt my thoughts as she always does. Reminding me of what a fool I've been and why one should never try to hold onto a shooting star.
15th-Oct-2005 06:02 pm - Something beautiful/Something Wished
Muse : Beyon Turhan
Fandom: Babylon 5

Something Beautiful, Something Wished.Collapse )
11th-Oct-2005 12:12 am(no subject)

play with it how you will
The Silence
Broken bottles under children's feet
Bodies strewn across the dead end street
But I won't heed the battle call
It puts my back up
They put my back up against the wall

And the battle's just begun
There's many lost, but tell me who has won
The trench is dug within our hearts
And mothers, children, brothers, sisters
Torn apart

They sat there in hyperspace like a cat waiting in the bushes for its weary prey to bear its throat. They had been there waiting just off the traditional jump beacon for nearly three hours.

Kailin sat in the command chair fingering the new control panel idly. The controls disgusted him as did the weapon they were connected to. He had tried to resign from the Royal Navy to escape this moment but he had been denied.

His thoughts turned to his daughter as he hoped she was safe. It was her life and that of Adira that would be lost if he faltered and the thought hung like a great weight around his neck.

“Commander, we have an incoming transmission from Grand Admiral Dromo.”

The voice of his second in command barely broke his thoughts as he nodded. The admiral appeared and Kailin formally greeted him.

“Commander Tyree, as my most trusted fleet veteran it has been decided that you shall lead the strike on the capitol city, G'Kamazad.”

Kailin paled appalled by the Admiral’s request, but this was not a request it was an order. His thoughts briefly returned to his daughter and he knew they already had eyes on her. If he did anything to displease them he would no doubt be forced to watch her death and Adira’s for his actions. Kailin sighed heavily.

“It is a high honor to lead an assault fleet, you should be grateful.”

Kailin forced himself to smile pleasantly.

“I am greatly honored that you have considered me skilled enough to lead the main attack force." Kailin was lying but like all Centauri he was skilled at this tactic.

“Prepare for the assault we leave jump in six standard minutes.” The screen went dark and he faltered as his eyes turned to the controls beneath his fingers.

“Shall we begin preparations for mass driver ignition?”

Kailin nodded without looking up from the button that controlled the greatest weapon of devastation that Kailin had ever seen. Looking up he surveyed the command deck.

“Open a channel to the fleet.” Kailin pushed away his thoughts and tried to remain coldly neutral.

“Centauri Fleet, this is High Commander Kailin Tyree. Prepare for jump in 4 standard minutes. Have mass driver ports loaded and hot. We target G'Kamazad upon exiting jump.” Kailin closed the channel exhausted from merely speaking those words.

“Mass drivers have reached optimum temperatures.”

Kailin watched the clock count down and wished it would stop. It continued to click away the seconds unhindered by the weight growing in the air and on his soul. This was not why he had joined the military all those years ago nor should a reconnaissance commander be leading an attack force. Kailin started to doubt the intentions and the honor that had once made the Centauri Navy the finest in the galaxy. The Narn were already broken but that was not enough. He sighed heavily.

“Prepare to engage jump engines on my command.” He watched the final seconds tick away and he felt as if a great weight had been dropped on his chest.

“On my Mark.” Kailin spoke it as if this was a routine training maneuver it was the only way he could deal with what was to come. “Jump.”

Kailin watched the blue backdrop opened and Narn appeared against the darkness of space. Kailin shuddered at the sight of the planet.

“Mass drivers targeted and within range.”

Kailin looked at the planet on the screen. “Great Maker, forgive me for what I must do.” He mumbled as his eyes turned to the consol. He hesitated for only a moment before he presses the button. The ship rocked a bit under the recoil of the mass driver. His smaller Recon Vorchan was not equipped to handle such a weapon nor should it have ever been fitted with one in the first place.

“Impact confirmed on target, mass driver ready and targeted.”

Kailin could no longer look at the screen he just concentrated on the button and ignored the outcome he knew it caused.

Wipe the tears from your eyes
Wipe your tears away
Oh, wipe your tears away
Oh, wipe your blood away
(Sunday, Bloody Sunday)

Crossposted to kailin_tyree
Note Lyrics from "Sunday Bloody Sunday" -by U2
28th-Sep-2005 10:58 pm - Lost Among the Stars (Displacement)
Adira Kiss
Note: Last entry from a handwritten journal kept during Adira's slavery

Adira sat on the transport trying to hold back the tears. She had wanted to stay but she was afraid that he would never trust her. She sighed heavily as she sat in her compartment and pulled out her diary. Her hands drifted over its worn edges and the wine stained pages. It held so many memories. The first page filled with the scrawled hand writing of a terrified little girl, alone in the dark and so on until the entry she was about to write.

April 2nd, 2258 Earth Standard

I miss him already. I am sure that is no surprise looking over the past entries and the happiness that is now gone. I wonder if he will ever trust me enough to love me as he had before yesterday. I wonder about my mother and Kailin now as I am on my way home. What will they think of me? … this black stain on their honor that I now am. No longer am I the beautiful little girl, the shining star of the house. Now I am a blight that will have to be overcome; that is unless they send me away.

I don’t want to think of that. I feel so alone and cold. I had finally found a place of solace, a place where I belonged there in his arms and now I am again a drift with no true place to belong. After all I have been through one would assume that it may become easier but it has not. I still feel uprooted, tossed about and hurt. In a way I am glad I have not become numb over time but as I sit here still feeling the warmth of his embrace and the lack of his presence I wish I had no hearts at all. That I could just go on without looking back.

Perhaps returning home will finally bring me stability and I can work back to being whole. Perhaps I will someday be able to convince him that I did the only thing I could that I risked my life for the love I feel for him. Right now the words won’t come for such apologies nor can I face the pain of what I have done, of the lies and deceit and betrayal. In the deepest places of my hearts I hope that he can forgive and I can forgive myself for what has been done and one day I can do as he asked as we parted ways. “Comeback to me someday.”

Adira closed the journal and couldn’t help but wish that “someday” was tomorrow or even now at this moment but she knew it would take many years for them both to heal. She put her faith in Li to mend what had been broken as she tucked her treasured diary back into her bag.

Crossposted to adira_tyree
24th-Sep-2005 11:19 pm - Displacement.
Mun's note : This takes place a few hours after Dirty Deeds

Sad Truths and BetrayalCollapse )
23rd-Sep-2005 01:17 am - Topic # the third

play with it how you will
18th-Sep-2005 08:10 pm - An Unexpected Lesson
Early Vir- by ruuger
Author’s Note: This scene takes place in 2258 between “Born to the Purple” and “Parliament of Dreams.”


The dim light of the club was hardly fit for a myopic young Centauri, so Vir heard the ambassador bellow his name before he saw him- and he stumbled several times over people and chair legs as he crossed the room, paperwork in hand, toward Londo’s table.

“Ah, if it isn’t my killer of merriment,” Londo said as Vir, apologizing profusely, mopped a spilled drink off a young lady’s blue dress. “And you have brought work, I see?”

“Just a few things. I-I-I was starting the preparations for the negotiations over the trade routes in Quadrant 16, and I just had a few- oh!” Vir cut himself off with a squeak as Londo firmly plopped him into a nearby chair. “Or, you know, I-I could sit and watch the show.”

“Vir,” Londo began in a stern baritone. “You have lived on Babylon 5 for quite some time now, yes?” Vir nodded, suddenly apprehensive. “But it occurs to me that, in all this time, I have not properly introduced you. So- sit. I will buy you a drink- and perhaps,” Londo added with a wave of his hand and a flash of his feral teeth, “see to some other services- and you will come to know Babylon 5 as I know it. Yes?”

“Oh, but I-I don’t drink, Ambassador.”

More than that, there was a scent hanging in the air that was activating his asthma. But Londo paid Vir’s protestations no heed, and soon Vir found himself shyly resisting the lips and wandering hands of a slender alien woman, his blush deepening to the approximate color of a linfra berry.

From that point forward, Vir never brought work to the Dark Star.
17th-Sep-2005 10:55 pm - An unexpected lesson
bisexual russian telepathic jew // i don
I feel as though most of the lessons I have learnt in my life, the ones that have stayed with me through the years, are lessons that I never expected... moments that could never be forseen. At least, not foreseen by me.
One that seems to strike me now, as I embark on a journey I do not think I should, back to Babylon 5, in many ways where it all began, is the lesson that although things can change, one can sometimes go back.
That is a lesson I learnt not a week ago while I spoke with Na'Toth.
I believe that one can never go back is not true, I think to say one can never go back to the same place is true, as everything will have changed, or perhaps that one never wants to go back, because I do not know if the memories that will come to me will be welcome ones, but one can go back.
And how that will go, well, we will see.

ooc:i am quite disappointed in myself but the past couple of weeks have yielded less time for this RP than I have hoped. I think it shall improve now on, as the birthday's and such die down. On the plus size there are new mini sized members of my family *G*
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